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Duo-fibre tip

Duo-fibre tip

Duo-fibre tip

CRESCO sided pens have a very high quality, which is confirmed by intense colors, non-toxic ink is water-based manufactured and ventilated cap, providing long-term use of the product.

Pens have two tips thickness: thin to thick the exact plot and allows you to get two thick lines.

The ink used in this product is easily washable from most surfaces, including the textile. It is available in 12 colors stacked in sets 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 colors.

Duo-fibre tip Duo-fibre tip Kitty/Dogs Duo-fibre tip Funny Animals
Catalog number:
nr/no. 210004
Duo-fibre tip 4 colors
nr/no. 210040
Duo-fibre tip 6 colors Kitty/Dogs
nr/no. 210030
Duo-fibre tip 6 colors Funny Animals
nr/no. 210006
Duo-fibre tip 6 colors
nr/no. 210041
Duo-fibre tip 10 colors Kitty/Dogs
nr/no. 210031
Duo-fibre tip 10 colors Funny Animals
nr/no. 210008
Duo-fibre tip 8 colors
nr/no. 210042
Duo-fibre tip 12 colors Kitty/Dogs
nr/no. 210032
Duo-fibre tip 12 colors Funny Animals
nr/no. 210010
Duo-fibre tip 10 colors
nr/no. 210012
Duo-fibre tip 12 colors
nr/no. 210050
Duo-fibre tip 10 colors - School box

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